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It's been a while since posting here and sorry about that. So what has been going on is that I've been waiting for the code base I use to make End of Days to update. Well good news everybody, It's been updated! On top of that good news we have more good news! The same code base now comes with instructions for how to merge with VR Expansion Plugin by Mordentral ( great dude, look him up) and what that means for us is MORE FEATURES. I was planning to find a way to merge the code base with VRE on my own, but luckily some very intelligent individual has already found a way and is creating a walk through. VRE already has climbing, driving, multiplayer, and many other features already included ( though not optimized ) in the package. 

In other words, End of Days is getting more than just a simple update. It's getting a complete overhaul of the systems. I wouldn't expect all of these features in the next update, but you CAN expect the following:

- climbing 
- bolt action weapons (SNIPERS, MY FAVE!)
- alternative locomotion options ex: arm swinging 

Some things that are to come in the near future, possibly update after this:

- perk sodas ( manually drinkable )
- swinging doors ( you can grab and move them)
- basic multiplayer ( do stuff in the shooting range together, i wanna take time to ensure stability before survival mode is multiplayer )
- virtual keyboards and web browser integration
- better levers, switches, knobs, etc.
- drawers and closets
- better physics objects
- more maps
- drones

- Oculus Rift support 

Future plans, no estimated timeframe yet:

- full multiplayer ( co-op and vs)
- more weapons 
- vehicles
- randomly generated maps ( i have a working prototype, not optimized)
- craftables
- upgrade machine
- zombie kill of the week
- achievements
- workshop support
- cameo weapons / skins
- LOOT BOXES ( just kidding, don't want to do that at all :p )

I have some other floating ideas I may have said before and didn't list here and others I just haven't said at all. I'd like to keep adding to End of Days and really build the IP. 

Anyway, thanks for sticking with the project guys. There's lots to come for End of Days. :)

~ Starkium

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